Our liquidity mining beta enters its second week tomorrow and Gunbot is adding 100,000 GUNTHY tokens to the existing 100,000 NEX prize pool!

The additional 100,000 GUNTHY tokens (roughly $10,000) will be split over the remaining four weeks of the program (25,000 GUNTHY per week).

The reward pool now stands at 20,000 NEX per week plus 25,000 GUNTHY. 10,000 NEX and 12,500 GUNTHY will be awarded for taker volume and 10,000 NEX and 12,500 GUNTHY for maker volume.

Both NEX and GUNTHY rewards are distributed proportionally to the volume you trade. See our liquidity mining announcement for more details.

The GUNTHY/BTC market will be added as an eligible pair, in addition to BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, NEO/USDC, ETH/BTC, NEO/ETH and LINK/USDC.

If you’re interested in running Gunbot but don’t have it yet, it is available through these official resellers. Gunbot’s own documentation for setting up your bot with Nash API keys can be found here.

Results from the first week of the program will be available tomorrow on mining.nash.io.